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Xi beach in Lixouri Kefalonia

Xi beach in Lixouri

With red fine-grain sand, and clear, shallow water, this beach is the sunbather’s paradise. The cliffs that line the perimeter of the shore are made of a clay that is believed to have therapeutic qualities, making for a natural spa treatment if applied on the skin and allowed to dry. All in all, Xi makes for a relaxing, rejuvenating experience.

Platya Ammos beach in Lixouri Kefalonia

Platya Ammos beach in Lixouri

A short way past Kipouria monastery lies one of the most awe-inspiring beaches of the island. Platia Ammos is accessible either by sea, or by some 300 steps that lead down to the shore. For those who are up for the exercise, this isolated spot is sure to impress.

Petani beach in Lixouri Kefalonia

Petani beach in Lixouri

Famous for its mesmerizing sunsets, Petani is white-pebble and sand beach in the Paliki district. The overhanging cliffs sprinkled with greenery make for a dramatic setting, and the clear blue waters for an enchanting swim.

Monastery of the Virgin Mary Kipouria Kefalonia

Monastery of the Virgin Mary Kipouria

The monastery of the Virgin Mary Kipouria was founded in 1750. The name Kipouria comes from the Greek word for gardens, and was given to reference the many orchards and gardens cultivated by the monks in the hopes that the manastery might be self sufficient. The monastery suffered substantial damage twice in the past, once in 1915 from a mistaken attack by the French, …

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