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Learn the 7 factors that affect not only the sale of your property

Posted by Petersons | Kefalonia Property on July 15, 2020

Learn the 7 factors that affect not only the sale of your property


An easy way to get to know more about a property is a simple 7 points list, that affects not only the sale of a property, but also its speed and the selling price.


  1. The type of property

A key and first factor is the type of property and the actual demand for it. Is it an apartment, villa, semi-detached village house or a plot? Is it a plot inside the village boundaries or a farm land? The demand for each of these types and their subcategories will ultimately determine the outcome.


  1. The location of the property

Is my property near the main road? Is it in a quiet neighborhood? Does it have schools or the airport near it? Is it inside a village or on top of a hill? Is it near a touristic resort or well hidden amongst olive trees? How far from the nearest hospital is it? The location of a property is the second most important factor.


  1. The characteristics of the property

But what is a buyer asking for today? New build villa or a village house? And if it’s an apartment, does it have an elevator? But what about parking? Is there a pool? And what about the views? If it is a plot, is it outside the village boundaries? Does it need extra cost to get connected to utilities and basic infrastructure? Does it have all the deeds in order?  The characteristics of the property are the third factor that will determine the sale.


  1. The condition of the property

The “Renovation” factor. More specifically, the condition of the property and its presentation to the buyer. Will this first look be of an added value or will it be an additional cost factor for the prospect buyer? If it is a plot, is already flat or it might need serious grand works and extended landscaping?


  1. The right price

The right price comes always after a good market research! What is the demand for the type of the property I am interested in? And how is the market moving in the last year? Is it below the market price OR do I got to pay too much? Hmmm, are you still worried about the price? Well, you should not. We at Petersons have all the experience, the willingness and the knowledge to provide you with the best service on Kefalonia, so you can pay the real property value!


  1. Marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words! It may sound like a cliché, but Marketing is an amazing factor. Professional photography or drone video presentation, tailor made floorplans and designs, fresh ideas for renovation or new design, unique ideas for added value to the property are some only points of a great property presentation.


  1. Seller’s determination

And how determined is the seller to sell? Trusting our team of experts on deterring the reasons that the property owner wants to sell, is a key element to your final decision on buying that lovely property.


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