Buying a Kefalonia property, besides being an enjoyable lifetime experience it can also be a profitable investment. We have the in-depth property & area information as well as extended experience to the local procedures & legislation to help you make the best choice.

Rather than deal with a number of different companies in Kefalonia, with Petersons Group you can come to us for all your property requirements, and be sure of consistent, high quality service. After all, we are your local experts, that have recently been awarded with the Gold award of excellence at the Century International Quality Era Award (CQE) 2018, in Geneva Switzerland!

Petersons Group is Kefalonia’s leading Real Estate and Property Development Company, delivering unrivalled customer service through commitment and excellence. Our award-winning services provides a complete A-Z solution and are:

Our company is the leading architecture, engineering, development & construction in Kefalonia.

Find your home with us!

The advantages of buying a new property include:

Energy efficient constructions with low running costs

Quality build with total peace of mind process

Create your dream home from blank paper

New properties with not prior alterations or hidden damages

Cost effective real estate solution

Guaranteed quality of construction

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