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Castle fortress of St George Kefalonia

Castle/Fortress of St. George

Built in the 12th century AD under Byzantine rule, the Castle of St. George truly flourished under the Venetians. Prior to 1757, this 16,000 sq.ft. structure served as the capital of Kefalonia, and concentrated all the main social, economic and cultural activity of the island. Incursions, wars, and finally the 1953 earthquake ravaged the castle however, leaving it in its present form.

Convent of St. Andrew the Apostle in Peratata Kefalonia

Convent of St. Andrew the Apostle in Peratata

Originally established in Byzantine times, the convent was restored in 1579 when three spiritual sisters purchased the land where the chapel of the Apostle once stood and converted it into a convent. New life was again breathed into the establishment with the arrival in 1639 of a young Greek-Romanian princess who when taking the veil, brought with her a sizeable fortune, as well as …

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