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Submarine Perseus

Posted by Petersons | Kefalonia Property on June 2, 2016

Submarine HMS PERSEUS The British submarine located in the southern Kefalonia , sunk by a mine on Dec. 6, 1941. A challenging dive, that offers to the diver a unique diving experience facing one of the most impressive war machines of Second World War. The submarine lies at a depth of 51 meters , while maintaining absolute shipbuilding shape, revealing a huge metal giant that offers protection to the underwater life. Big amberjacks and dentexes fish appear unsuspected around the wreck that extends for about 80 m above the sandy sea bed. The story of HMS PERSEUS is truly unique and has been studied for many historians and researchers, partly because of the conditions of its immersion, and also the presence of a single survivor (J.CAPES), who was not a member of the crew , all these make the legend of the sunken submarine even more mysterious . This wreck dive is ranked among the top 10 dives around the world .

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