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Real Estate Agent in Kefalonia

Posted by Petersons | Kefalonia Property on September 15, 2020

What is a Real Estate Agent and what is he supposed to do?


The Real Estate Agent you are working with on Kefalonia or are going to work with, needs to meet certain requirements, providing you with specific services.

Let’s define the services below!


1st Service: Personal Needs Assessment

Maybe the most important service of all. The Real Estate Agent must really understand of what you are looking for and the time you want to go for it. A proper & fully professional Real Estate Agent must spend time on understanding your needs, your desires and dreams and of course, to balance everything with your budget.


2nd Service: Office work and preparation

A Real Estate Agent in Greece gets paid from both the buyer & the seller. For that reason, he must work hard to meet both sides expectations and work even harder to deliver the best result to both sides. For that reason, he has to come with a short list of at least 3 properties that meet your criteria & have at least 1 or 2 properties as back up (one inside the defined criteria and one off, as a surprise that might be the winner).


3rd Service: Suggestion a property

A special bond between the buyer and the agent is on the way using most of all, a personal connection. Technology comes right after. This service differentiates the average agent from a real professional, because it refers to the way in which the property will be presented, giving it added value, making proposals, ideas, suggestions and giving prospects to the potential buyer.

The agent should be well prepared to know everything related to the property, as well as all laws & regulations, in case the buyer wants to know everything for it before making his final decision.


4th Service: Negotiation

A right deal is when both sides are satisfied. It is a win-win situation. Our job at Petersons is to have both sides happy and satisfied. The right price comes after efficient communication and honest stand. Ethics is above everything. Afterall, we are going to live as neighbors and Greeks honor that a lot!


5th Service: Closing Support

Last but not least! Perhaps the most important service! It is that process that the agent will provide you with a safe, secure, legal, accurate and fast closing, once an agreement has been reached with the other side. That, as long with choosing the right legal advisory (solicitor & notary) will lead you to a new contract and powerful new legal deeds! Congratulations! You are a Kefalonia new property owner.


Whether you’re looking for a property investment in Kefalonia, or to move in at our beautiful island or to buy a second home here, then we can help you.

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