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Kefalonia Property Management, Rental and Maintenance

Posted by Petersons | Kefalonia Property on October 30, 2020

Kefalonia Property Management, Rental and Maintenance?


Holiday property management companies deals directly with holiday makers, maintenance employees as well as others, saving you time and worry over marketing your rental, collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair issues keeping buildings in good condition, responding to complaints, and even handling awkward situations. Not to mention, how important it is to have a well maintained building when its time to sell this property!


Our own daughter company, The Finest Villas of Kefalonia, meets all the above criteria as our aim is to assist property owners in developing their investment.

The Finest Villas of Kefalonia is a professional full service Property Management company of hand-picked, high quality & exquisite properties that can satisfy all needs and requirements: Sun-drenched, peaceful havens for the lovebirds in cozy, secluded villas with stunning infinity views or stylish, self catering modern homes close to town and attractions for families.

A short list of these services is: Pricing strategy, Property marketing, Post-Stay inspection & Check-out, Reservations, In Person check-in, Maintenance, etc.

On the other hand, whether you’re looking for a property investment in Kefalonia, or to move in at our beautiful island or to buy a second home here, then we can help you.

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