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Mt. Aenos National Park in Kefalonia

Mt. Aenos National Park

The highest peak in Kefalonia, and the second highest of any Greek island, Mt. Aenos reaches an altitude of 1,628m, and spreads over roughly 285 square km. The surrounding area has been designated a National park, and is covered with a rare species of fir (Abies Cephalonica) and black pine. There are many ways to explore the area, including car, bicycle and foot, and …

Convent of St. Gerasimos in Omala

Convent of St. Gerasimos in Omala

This convent is the unofficial center of religious life on the island as the convent is attached to a spacious church dedicated to Kefalonia’s patron saint, St. Gerasimos. Accounts of his life revere St. Gerasimos as a healer, a teacher, and a man who generally promoted peace. The convent at the foot of Mt. Aenos was established in the 1560’s by St. Gerasimos himself …

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