New Homes

We are not just a real estate agency in Kefalonia! We have the knowledge and the personal service to provide turn-key solutions, as we are the leading architecture, engineering, development & construction company in Kefalonia.

We are the only Development Company in Kefalonia with more than 8 in-house engineers and supporting team, 3 on-site engineers, a large variety and number of builders and technicians across the island, capable of delivering the best new developments to the market.

Our award-winning services provides a complete A-Z solution and are:




Interior Design


Property Management

Real Estate

Legal Support



Furthermore, through our own property management company (The Finest Villas of Kefalonia), we offer total property management services that besides care and maintenance we can include a rental contract, where you can have profit out of your property while you are not enjoying it.

Kefalonia Real Estate

Engineering & Construction

Property Management

To discuss new home investment opportunities and ask more questions for our new home property service, please contact us.

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