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Kefalonia stands out as one of the top safe destinations

Posted by Petersons | Kefalonia Property on April 13, 2020

Safety is one of the major concerns for most people when choosing a vacation spot, let alone choosing a place to invest on a property or even as a second home.

We all want a family vacation destination to be memorable, however we probably don’t want memorable to mean this place is involved with accidents or violence or theft or terrorism or sickness. Especially during epidemics!

Today’s travelers and tourists are more and more wanting to visit the natural beauty and remote regions of a country in order to discover more than just the big cities and commonly advertised attractions.  So now, more than ever, the safety and security of any particular destination is a key deciding factor of the safety rating a place receives.


Kefalonia is ranking among the safest destinations in Europe and one of the best three in Greece. Taking into consideration that our island is almost to zero crime and that this statement is presented based on the reliability of the Greek Police and the Greek legal system(thefts, violence, drugs or terrorism), Kefalonia sounds as the ideal destination.


Now, Greece is receiving excellent reviews from all around the world and Kefalonia is standing again, as one of the best in fighting CoVid-19 and is considered a greatly safe destination, waiting for all Kefalonia lovers to come here again, once this pandemic is going to allow everyone to travel.

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