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Ai helis beach in Svoronata Kefalonia

Ai helis beach in Svoronata

Near the village of Svoronata, Ai Helis is a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys swimming and beach sports. With warm turquoise waters, and fine-grain sand lining the spacious shore, this spot tends to attract visitors who enjoy pairing their beach excursions with active fun in the sun.

Poros beach in Poros Kefalonia

Poros beach in Poros

In spite of being located in the center of the town of Poros, this small beach is clean and the waters are clear. Surrounded by a series of marinas, it is at once a convenient and visually interesting site.

Mt. Aenos National Park in Kefalonia

Mt. Aenos National Park

The highest peak in Kefalonia, and the second highest of any Greek island, Mt. Aenos reaches an altitude of 1,628m, and spreads over roughly 285 square km. The surrounding area has been designated a National park, and is covered with a rare species of fir (Abies Cephalonica) and black pine. There are many ways to explore the area, including car, bicycle and foot, and …

Monastery of the Virgin Mary at Sissia Kefalonia

Monastery of the Virgin Mary at Sissia

A 13th century monastery overlooking Lourdas bay, the Virgin Mary at Sissia is believed to have been founded by St. Francis of Assisi as a Catholic monastic establishment, only to be converted to the Orthodox denomination years later. Among the treasures belonging to the monastery is a 17th century icon by Stefanos Tsangarolas of the Virgin Mary, now exhibited at the Ecclesiastic Museum of …

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