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Buying a Property in Kefalonia | Step by step on getting started

Posted by Petersons | Kefalonia Property on April 30, 2020

Step by step on getting started

Before getting started, some basics should be out of your way quickly and to make you less stressed; these are: tax roll number, bank account, and lawyer.

Appointing a lawyer

If you like, we will introduce you to an English speaking lawyer who can act on your behalf. If you wish to give a Power of Attorney to your lawyer it will be prepared by a Notary of our trust. He is going to be very useful for many steps along the process.

Obtaining a tax roll number (AFM)

Anyone purchasing property in Greece requires a Greek tax roll number – the so-called “AFM”. Although we can will assist you to complete and file the form required by the tax office to issue you with an AFM, the most appropriate person is your solicitor. He will do the entire process with you & he will accompany you to the officials to help you with both language and bureaucracy or by giving him the POA (power of attorney) he can do everything and just deliver to you.

Opening a Greek bank account

The origin of money used to buy property in Greece must be declared to the tax office using an official import document – popularly known as the “pink slip”. Thus, you need to open an account with a Greek bank through which all payments related to your property purchase must take place. The bank will provide you with import documents for every transfer that you make from abroad. This will provide an accurate record of payments as requested by the officials. This step can be done either through your solicitor or one of our experienced agents can help you do it.

It is the best time to invest in the Greek real estate market and especially in the holiday housing market in Kefalonia. We at Petersons are your local experts. Make your Greek dream come true and contact us today!


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